Thursday, January 7, 2016

Why build beernumbeer?

I like beer.  More so, I like good beer.  So when browsing the vast selection of beers at the liquor store, I'd always google beers, scroll to find the first Beer Advocate (or something similar) rating, and click to find the rating.  But I was always bothered that there wasn't one stop to go to find the ratings from all the big sites, Beer Advocate, Untappd, RateBeer, etc.  A site that was like google, but was suited for beer, that would naturally autocomplete for the arcane beers I was looking for.

That's where this site started from.  As a software developer, grew from my passions of beer and programming.  I hope to continually improve it, and my hopes are that this blog will help solicit feedback, share ideas, announce updated features, discuss technology, with the goal of making the site more useful to all of us.

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